Tech Tip Tuesday:

Steps to activate Parental controls on Google Play

Open Google Play Store on your smartphone
Head to Settings and turn on Parental controls by setting up a pin

Tech Tip Tuesday:

Scam alert: If you receive a message on Facebook saying ‘Hi….I actually got another friend request from you’, it’s a hoax.
All you have to do is ignore any messages you receive via Facebook Messenger, Chat or IM that read like this:

“Hi….I actually got another friend request from you yesterday…which I ignored so you may want to check your account. Hold your finger on the message until the forward button appears…then hit forward and all the people you want to forward too….I had to do the people individually. Good Luck!”

In short, this message is a hoax. – Ignore it- Delete ot – DO Not open it – Do not forward it


Patch every device to keep up with antivirus and software updates.

Stick to trusted sites and watch out for scams (like “you’re a winner!” banners). Also, be wary of email attachments, like bogus shipping receipts.

Back up all critical files often, preferably off-site. All onsite backups connected to your network are vulnerable.

Heed all warnings from your AV and report all alerts to your support team.

Close popups asking you to update account information or install applications you didn’t request.

Bookmark your favorite web pages to avoid visiting a fake site due to a misspelling (, for example).

If you think you’ve been infected, unplug your computer from the network and Call Tampa PC Consultants immediately. 813.756.4171 or visit